Texture Wall Paint for Bedroom

nadia October 15, 2018

Texture wall paint designs for bedroom are needed in order to get a comfortable and peaceful bedroom. Besides adding art value to your interior design, texture wall paint will also ease your sight. Here are some ways you can do yourself if you want have texture wall paint for your bedroom. Create Striped Texture with […]

Ideas Marble Design for House Floor to Make Your Home More Beautiful

nadia October 12, 2018

Marble design for house floor not only offers long-lasting beauty but also easier maintenance. You can clean it easily and it is also has high durability. Besides, it is available in wide array of patterns and finishes. These are some marble design options that you can choose. Emphasize border through grand walkway You can make […]

Patio Ideas Using Mulch Pads You Should Know

nadia October 10, 2018

Patio ideas using mulch pads not only enhance visual appeal over the landscape but also have important function to keep moisture, separate plant roots, and curb weed growth. However, people sometimes still do mulching mistakes so making it less effective in function. So, here the tips you have to do. Use mulch pads as accent […]

Bedroom Painting Colour Ideas for Stand-out Look

nadia October 7, 2018

Bedroom painting colour ideas help you to change the whole mood boosters. Hence, you should find as much as inspirations before choosing the best one. Here, several colour theme you can try. Bohemian touch If you want to paint female bedroom or just want to make warmer bedroom mood, try to apply Bohemian theme in […]

Wedding Night Room Decoration Ideas

nadia October 7, 2018

Room decoration for wedding night with lights is one of important things which need to be considered when it comes to wedding. Different from the decoration for wedding party place, the decoration for wedding night room is usually simpler and more private. If you and your lover looks for wedding night room decoration ideas, here […]

Two Colors Combinations for Girls’ Room

nadia October 6, 2018

Room painting ideas with two colors for girls are not that hard find. You can just combine the two colors that represent feminine. But make sure the two colors combinations do not make the room looks too much. Appropriately combine two colors in order to create elegant yet cheerful girls’ room. Here are some ideas. […]

Inspirations of Bedroom Multicolor Combination

nadia October 5, 2018

Bedroom multicolor combinations will make your bedroom less boring compared with only one color bedroom. Usually, blue is the most used color to be applied in bedroom. It is because blue is claimed to make you calm and have a beauty sleep. Besides blue, there are also various combinations of colors for your bedroom. Here […]

Design of Home Simple Village Ideas

nadia October 4, 2018

Design of home simple village can be an alternative design for those who love minimalist style. Home simple village does not always mean old fashion. You can also use the concept of custom home which is combined with modern style. For you who looks for simple village style for your home, here are some inspirations. […]

Tips: Simple Bedroom Design for Couple

nadia October 3, 2018

Simple bedroom design for couple ideas are more preferred nowadays. It is because minimalist design gives modern and clean look. But since it is bedroom for couple, do not forget to also make it comfortable and romantic. Here are some tips to have minimalist bedroom couple. 1. In order to get the romantic atmosphere, you […]

4 Ideas to Make a Small Garden In Front of Home

nadia October 2, 2018

  An idea to make a small garden in front of home is so brilliant. The small garden looks more beautiful and dynamic to create in a limited space in front of your house. It makes the people passing it feel happy and enthusiastic to see. Adjusting to Your Home Style To build a small […]